December 19, 2014
The Puzzling Side of Chess
Jeff Coakley

Proof Games: Switchback City

The puzzles in this column have a move stipulation. The position must be reached in a precise number of moves, no more and no less. With one exception, they are proof games in 4.0 which means four moves by each side. A new column is posted the second, third, and fourth Friday of the month.
December 18, 2014
An Arbiter's Notebook
Geurt Gijssen

Chess Tables

Several times in the past I had problems with organisers regarding the size of chess tables. I had the impression that they thought the players were very happy with long, wide tables, and were not aware the problems a wide table could cause. A new column is posted the third Thursday of each month.
December 17, 2014
Novice Nook
Dan Heisman

Odds and Ends #2

Sometimes important advice about improving at chess is short and sweet, and that brevity may actually help the reader get the point. A new Novice Nook is posted the third Wednesday of the month.