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Thank you for visiting, one of the most highly acclaimed and frequented chess sites on the world wide web. New material is presented at least twice weekly, according to the schedule outlined below.

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All the articles, reviews, and endgame studies that have appeared at are available in our Archives. You will find them stored in PDF or Plain Text format. is freely accessible, and you can help keep it so by making a purchase at our chess shop. We offer a large selection of chess books and equipment at very competitive prices. also has a weekly newsletter with which you can keep up-to-date with new product releases, read reviews of selected products, and receive special discount offers. Plus, try your hand at solving our weekly puzzle.

ChessCafe Columns

Chess Mazes
Bruce Alberston

There are two types of chess mazes: checking and mating. For bishop, rook, and knight mazes the play is to check the black king. For queen, pawn, and king mazes the object is to checkmate the enemy king. A new Chess Maze puzzle is posted the first Saturday of the month.

CC Chronicles
Bo Bredenhof

Since 1999, Bo Bredenhof has played close to 200 international correspondence tournament games. He has represented Sweden in team tournaments and international matches, and he recently qualified for his first international master norm. A new column is posted the fourth Wednesday of each month.

ChessBase Cafe

The ChessBase Cafe column showcases the new software and training DVDs being produced by ChessBase to improve your play and enjoyment of the royal game. A new column is posted the first Saturday of each month.

The Puzzling Side of Chess
Jeff Coakley

Canadian master Jeff Coakley is the author of the popular Winning Chess For Kids books. He is one of Canada's leading coaches and a long time composer and collector of chess puzzles. His column features a wide range of material, with original compositions and classic puzzles from the past. It is posted three times per month, on the second, third, and fourth Saturdays.

Step by Step
Mark Donlan

Step by Step: Mate, Step by Step: Tactics, Step by Step: Calculation and Step by Step: Test are designed to improve your visualization, tactical, and assessment skills. You can also print out these pages and use them as workbook exercises in a classroom setting. A new column is posted every other Wednesday.

The Instructor
Mark Dvoretsky

Russian IM Mark Dvoretsky may be the most respected chess instructor and trainer in the world today. His books serve as the teaching cornerstones in chess courses worldwide. Read him to sharpen your analytical skill, read him for enjoyment. But make sure you don't miss what he has to say. A new column is posted the second Wednesday of each month.

Everyman Ebook Cafe

An excerpt from the diverse line of Everyman Chess Ebooks. A new column is posted the second Wednesday of each month.

An Arbiter's Notebook
Geurt Gijssen

One of the world's most respected arbiters discusses issues and relates anecdotes from his years of experience at the highest levels of the international chess scene. The Chief Arbiter of the 1987 and 1990 world championship matches also accepts questions from readers. A new column is posted the third Wednesday of each month.

Carsten Hansen

Danish master Carsten Hansen turns his critical eye each month to perhaps the largest segment of the chess publishing market, opening books.  Is that new opening book you were thinking of buying a 'hit' or a 'miss'? Join him each month as he surveys the latest releases. A new column is posted the first Wednesday of each month.

The Kibitzer
Tim Harding

Irish master Tim Harding's diverse writings have been enjoyed by the chessplaying public for almost three decades. Editor of the highly acclaimed correspondence magazine Chess Mail, Tim's unique insight has made him a favorite. A new column is posted the second Wednesday of each month.

Novice Nook
Dan Heisman

American master Dan Heisman is the author of several books, and a full-time chess instructor. His column is specifically designed to help the Elo 1000-1400 player improve. A new column is posted the third Wednesday of each month.

Opening Lanes
Gary Lane

British international master Gary Lane brings a new dimension to fine line-up of chess journalists. Gary's column will specialize in discussing the latest in opening theory and related topics. We encourage you to submit your questions about your favorite opening to Gary for consideration in one of his columns. A new column is posted the first Wednesday of each month.

The Openings Explained
Abby Marshall is pleased to introduce a new column, The Openings Explained, in which contemporary opening variations are explained move-by-move. A new column is posted the first Wednesday of each month.

Endgame Corner
Karsten Müller

Dr. Karsten Müller earned the grandmaster title in 1998 and is the co-author with IM Frank Lamprecht of the highly acclaimed Fundamental Chess Endings. His popular column has appeared at since January 2001. A new column is posted the first Wednesday of each month.

Chess Evolution
Arkadij Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

The Chess Evolution Newsletter (CEWN) is released every Friday of the week. The newsletter contains twenty-plus pages of great chess material written by top grandmasters Arkadij Naiditsch and Csaba Balogh. A new column is posted the fourth Saturday of each month.

Pando Random
Bruce Pandolfini

American master Bruce Pandolfini has been teaching chess for more than forty years. With Pando Random, he draws upon actual classes, lectures, and even private lessons to provide a complete lesson with each column, including applicable insights from being a working teacher. A new column is posted the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Inside Chess
Yasser Seirawan

American grandmaster and four-time United States champion Yasser Seirawan was the chief editor of Inside Chess magazine. The publication ran from 1988 to 2000 during which time it was one of the world's top chess magazines. A new column is posted the third Saturday of each month.

Past Pieces
Olimpiu G. Urcan

Past Pieces will bring to light forgotten players, matches, games, problems, photographs and miscellaneous information that will interest all chess history enthusiasts. A new column is posted the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Other Features

Daily Chess News Links

Keep up-to-date with the latest chess news from around the world with our daily chess news links.

Book Reviews

The weekly in-depth book reviews at are noted for their honesty and objectivity. As of January 2008, we have published more than 700 book reviews, all of which are still available in the Archives. A new review is posted each Wednesday.

Endgame Study

Combining beauty and practicality, the Endgame Study is one of the unique and subtle wonders of the Royal Game. is pleased to present, on a weekly basis, a selected endgame study for your enjoyment, all of which are still available in the Archives. A new study is posted each Saturday.

From the Archives

Since it came online many years ago, has presented literally thousands of articles, reviews, columns and the like for the enjoyment of its worldwide readership. We decided that the occasional selection from the archives might be a welcomed addition to the regular fare. A “new” column is posted periodically throughout each month.

The Skittles Room

One of the most popular features at, the Skittles Room provides a forum for guest authors to present material on any chess related theme. The Archives contain almost 400 articles on a cornucopia of topics. A new column is posted the first Wednesday of the month.

Video Spotlight

The Video Spotlight features a chess related video for your entertainment each Wednesday and Saturday.

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