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The Skittles Room

An Admirable Legacy by José Carlos Franco Nunes de Viveiros
Fritz Loepert's legacy for Brazilian chess is admirable and his chess problems worthy of recognition

Adolf Albin and the Genesis of the Albin Counter Gambit by Olimpiu G. Urcan
Part One
Part Two

Alexander Alekhine Letter February 21, 1924
Three weeks before the New York 1924 tournament, Alekhine puts down his thoughts about authoring the tournament book.

Alexander Alekhine Letter May 19, 1932
An interesting letter by the world champion about participating in a tournament that might also include Capablanca.

Alekhine vs. Marshall's 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Nf6!? by Rick Kennedy
As with many chess tales, the legend is only part of the story.

Alekhine's Imagination by Lev Khariton
A pure concoction of Alekhine's.

The Alterman Gambit Guide, Black Gambits 1  (Excerpt) by Boris Alterman
The Benko Gambit was one of my favorite openings as a junior.

Amateur to IM (Excerpt) by Jonathan Hawkins
Helps the reader learn important endgame principles.

Anatomy of a Gambit by Glenn Budzinski
A look at the rare Halasz Gambit.

Andor Lilienthal and His Contribution to the History of Modern Chess by Dmitry Gorodin

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Answers and Winners: The ChessCafe.com 5th Anniversary Quiz

Applying Steinitz' Laws by Dan Heisman
To attack or not to attack, that is the question... 

Arkady Balagan: Crime-solving World Champion by Mark Donlan
Shawn Doyle portrays the lead character in the original drama series Endgame.

Arpad Elo Letter June 19, 1987
Elo makes a revealing observation about Fischer's 1975 match conditions.

The Art of Chess by Jim Weinheimer, Curator of the Chess Exhibition, Princeton University.
Princeton University's chess exhibit features memorabilia bequeathed by American problemist and collector Eugene Cook.

The Art of Composing Chess Problems by T. B. Rowland and F. F. Rowland
Problems are termed the poetry of chess.

The Art of Solving Chess Problems by T. B. Rowland and F. F. Rowland
To become a good chess player we must be able to solve chess problems.

Attacking Chess by Larry Christiansen
How an aggressive, attack-based attitude can produce points in an attractive way.
Christiansen-Summermatter, Swiss League 1997
Hector-Christiansen, Reykjavik 1998
Milos-Murshed, Groningen 1997
Anand-Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1998
Sokolov-Thorhallsson, Reykjavik 1998
Leko-Beliavsky, Madrid 1998
Capablanca-Molina, Buenos Aires 1911
1999 Interplay U.S. Chess Championship

The Australian Masters 1999 by Gary Lane
The Twelfth Australian Masters tournament in Melbourne.
Part One
Part Two

AVRO 1938
by Lev Khariton
The last major chess event before the Second World War.

The Baron
An item from the Badmaster series of columns by the late G.H. Diggle, a British chess author and historian.

The Battering Ram by Nikolay Minev
Instructive examples of tactical demolition via the slow, unstoppable advance of pawns.

BDG Bust: The Huebsch Gambit by Glenn Budzinski

Bent Larsen Letter April 22, 1972
Danish Grandmaster Bent Larsen has been one of the most popular players internationally for over four decades.

Bent Larsen Retrospective
Notes by Bent Larsen from Chess Informant.

Bf4 Deserves more Respect against the Dutch Defense by David Rudel
A plug-and-play system for fighting kingside flank defenses.

Bitching about the Word "Bitch" by Gwen Feldman
So what is the brou-ha-ha all about?

Blindfold Chess by P. Anderson Graham
An essay from Mr. Blackburne's Games at Chess.

Bobby Fischer-Alex Bisno Agreement 1964
In 1964, Bobby Fischer retained business man Alex Bisno to arrange a match with a prominent Soviet player. Here is their agreement.

The Boston Banquet
The June 25, 1859 article that appeared in the New York Ledger about the Boston banquet in honor of Paul Morphy.

Boxing the Compass by David Vigorito and Charles Riordan
The New England Nor'easters Game of the Week
2010 Week One
2010 Week Two
2010 Week Three
2010 Week Four
2010 Week Five
2010 Week Six
2010 Week Seven
2010 Week Eight
2010 Week Nine
2010 Week Ten
2010 Week Eleven
2010 Week Twelve
2010 The Finals
2010 The Year in Review
Interview with David Vigorito
2011 Week One
2011 Week Two
2011 Week Three
2011 Week Four
2011 Week Five
2011 Week Six
2011 Week Seven
2011 Week Eight
2011 Week Nine
2011 Week Ten

Brain Games: The Full Truth by David Levy
Keene's former business associate tells his side of the story.

Braving the Analytic Storm by Robert T. Tuohey
An “analysis heuristic” for chess.

The British Championships 1999 by Gary Lane
The 86th British Championships in Scarborough.
Part One
Part Two

Buckle as a Chess Player
One of the most original and profound thinkers of the age in which he lived.

Buckle’s Chess References
Testimony to the extensive reading and large research of a gifted compiler.

Burgess's Chess Puzzles by Graham Burgess
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

A Bust to the King's Gambit
Bobby Fischer's famous article that appeared in the debut issue of the American Chess Quarterly, 1961.

The Bxh6 Sacrifice by Steven B. Dowd
Part One
Part Two

Captain William Evans: Inventor of the Evans Gambit by W.R. Thomas
From the British Chess Magazine, January 1928

Cats may have nine lives, but chessplayers have many more by Paul J. Ragonnet
A few thoughts about our royal game.

Challenging the Nimzo-Indian (Excerpt) by David Vigorito
An astounding amount of relevant material.

Chapter 14: Chess by Paul Sweeney
An excerpt from his recently published book My Greatest Accomplishment

Charming Moves by Nikolay Minev
Tactical shots that come as a bolt from the blue.

CHESS by Raymundo
A satirical piece courtesy of Kingpin

Chess at 1600 by Robin Lindsay
A lower-rated player's view of improving your play
Part One
Part Two

Chess and Autism by Karel van Delft
Chess is a suitable sport for those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ChessCafe Curriculum by Mark Donlan
An introduction to the Royal Game
A Brief History of Chess and the Chessboard
The Pawn
The King: Check, Checkmate, and Stalemate
The Queen
Pawn Promotion and Checkmate with the Queen
The Rook
The Bishop
The Knight
En Passant

Chess Doesn’t Care by Howard Goldowsky

Chess for Dollars by Glenn Budzinski
A weekend Swiss at the world's largest Casino.

Chess and Drug Testing by Eugene V. Adler
A View from the Toxicology Laboratory

Chess on the Edge, Volumes 1-3 (Excerpt) by Bruce Harper & Yasser Seirawan
The Collected Games of Canadian Grandmaster Duncan Suttles.

Chess Horizons Edited by Max Sewell
The World Youth Championship in Antalya, Turkey

Chess in Hades From Chess Monthly, February 1858
These men of chess are the most stupid of beings.

Chess Insider: Gashimov Memorial by Davorin Kuljasevic
A new daily magazine headed by GM Kuljasevic and IM Kozhuharov.

Chess Openings for Black, Explained (Excerpt) by Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindchashvili, and Eugene Perelshteyn
One of the most well received repertoire books of our time.

Chess Openings for White, Explained (Excerpt) by Lev Alburt, Roman Dzindchashvili, and Eugene Perelshteyn
One of the most anticipated repertoire books of our time.

Chess Philosopher: Genrikh Chepukaitis by Misha Savinov

Chess Players All by Barnie F. Winkleman
From the debut issue of Chess Review, January 1933

Chess and Samba - Fun and Politics by José Carlos Franco Nunes de Viveiros
So what do you get when you mix carnival and chess in Brazil?

Chess as a Sport by Howard Goldowsky

Chess Strategy for Club Players (Excerpt) by Herman Grooten
Learn the basic elements of positional understanding.

Chess and the Titanic by Steven B. Dowd

Chess Today by Alex Baburin, Editor

The Chessplayers' Guide to Performance Enhancing Drugs by Ian Rogers

C.J.S. Purdy: An Unconventional Chess Thinker by Amatzia Avni
A look at the great Australian teacher and writer, excerpted from Kingpin No. 26.

Computer and Internet Chess by Graham Burgess
An excerpt from the third edition of The Mammoth Book of Chess.

Concocting Chess Tales by Amatzia Avni
Sharing the creative process of cooking up a chess tale.

The Conditional Chess Problem by Steven B. Dowd
Part One
Part Two

Confessions of a British Nightclubber by IM Aaron Summerscale
So you like to mix partying and playing? Read on...

Convergence: A Cautionary Tale by Andy Soltis
We have answered the questions that all chess players have asked for centuries.

A Conversation with Bent Larsen by Jude Acers
Larsen and Acers exuberant personalities shine through the interview.

A Conversation with a Legend by Gabriel Velasco
A revealing, albeit chance meeting with Boris Spassky in Mexico City

A Conversation with Anthony Meters by Howard Goldowsky

A Conversation with Hikaru Nakamura by Howard Goldowsky

A Conversation with Jennifer Shahade by Howard Goldowsky

A Conversation with Mig Greengard by Howard Goldowsky

A Conversation with Paul Hoffman by Howard Goldowsky

A Cuban Chess Breakthrough by Professor Robert Bennett Lubic
The chess rivalry between the Cosmos Club Chess Group and Capablanca Chess Club.

A Cursory Chat Upon Chess by Captain Hugh A. Kennedy
Debunking the silly prejudice that chess is a mere recreation.

Defending the Ruy Lopez by Dan Lamson
Hans Kmoch declared it the "Defense of Champions."

Developing Beginner’s Board Vision by Dan Heisman
How to help novices improve

Departures and Homecomings: On Estonian Chess by Erik Rosendahl
Traveling in history Estonian chess comes full circle.

Double-Check Double-Mate by Nikolay Minev

Double-Mate by Nikolay Minev

Draw? by Mark Dvoretsky
Read what one of the most respected trainers has to say about the issue of too many boring draws.

The Dream Merchant Excerpt by Fred Waitzkin
A charismatic and morally ambiguous salesman struggles to make amends in his old age.

Ed Edmondson Letter October 10, 1970
Read what Edmondson does with Fischer in regards to playing in the Palma Interzonal.

Efim Bogolyubov Letter December 9, 1926
The Ukrainian-German GM rejects an invitation to play in New York 1927 in an arrogant reply to Capablanca's letter.

Efim Geller versus World Champions: A Tribute
The Philidor or the Steinitz of the twentieth century.
Part One
Part Two

An Email Conversation with Charles Katz by Howard Goldowsky
Do chess and television mix? Perhaps...

Emanuel Lasker Letter November 9, 1909
Several months before his historic match with Schlechter, Lasker writes to American organizer Walter Penn Shipley

Emanuel Lasker: The Challenge for a Biographer by John S. Hilbert

Emil Diemer
How strong was Diemer? A special presentation from Kaissiber, in German.

Encouraging Tournament Participation by Dan Heisman
Stop worrying about your rating and just play!

Endings for Experts by Nick Pert
An exerpt from the June 2012 British Chess Magazine!

Endgames (Excerpt) by Martin Weteschnik
A synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy.

Engaging Pieces: Interviews and Prose for the Chess Fan (Excerpt) by Howard Goldowsky
Goldowsky talks with David Shenk, author of The Immortal Game.

Errata and Punishment by Cary Utterberg
Committing the standard error of chess research.

The Fischer-Benko Slapping Incident
Bobby and Pal became pals, but 'twasn't always so...

Fischer’s Bishop versus Knight Endings

The Fischer King: Matchless Bobby or Profile of a Prodigal by Paul Kollar
Bobby, we hardly knew ya...

The Forgotten Tour: Alekhine's Chess Exhibitions in Singapore by Olimpiu G. Urcan

Forty Years at the Top (Excerpt) by Larry Eldridge
An excerpt from Chess Caviar by John Curdo.

400 Points in 400 Days by Michael de la Maza
Extremely rapid chess improvement for the adult class player: A five-month program.
Part One
Part Two

Four Original Mates by Nikolay Minev
Mate is always a wonderful end of a game.

Frankenstein versus Dracula at the Chessboard by Tim Harding
A hitherto unpublished extract unearthed by Tim Harding.

A Fresh Start by Yasser Seirawan
The American GM's thoughts on ending the confusion surrounding the world title.

From a Fresh Start to a New Dawn by Yasser Seirawan
The American GM's account of the historic agreement.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

From Baghdad to Calvia by Ian Rogers
The Australian GM takes a look at Iraq and the 2004 Chess Olympiad.

From My Vantage! by Andy Rea
Chess is complicated and analysis is difficult.

Gambit Puzzles for the Michigan Chess Festival by Graham Burgess

Garry Kasparov Signs In by Burt Hochberg
The venerable former editor of Chess Life covered Garry's books signing at Barnes & Noble.

Geller's Nightmare by Marius Ceteras & Olimpiu G. Urcan
Every player has his own personal nemesis across the board.

Georgia Chess Edited by Mark N. Taylor
The 2009 Georgia State Championship has been hijacked!

Giuoco Fortissimo: The Rousseau Gambit by Tim McGrew
Part One
Part Two

Grandmaster Rankings in Blindfold, Rapid, and Regular (FIDE) Play by Eliot Hearst & Elmer Sangalang
The ratings calculation from all Amber rapid and blindfold tournaments

Grandmasters I Have Known by Hans Kmoch
Excerpts from an unpublished manuscript prepared for ChessCafe.com by Burt Hochberg.
Part One: Yefim Bogolyubov
Part Two: Aron Nimzovitch
Part Three: Alexander Alekhine
Part Four: Saviely Tartakower
Part Five: Ernst Grünfeld
Part Six: Emanuel Lasker
Part Seven: Frank Marshall
Part Eight: Géza Maróczy

The Great Geller by Nikloay Minev
He came into the chess world like a meteor.

Gunfight at the Silicon Corral by Glenn Budzinski
A historic duel between man and machine in New York.

Happy Bloody Birthday by John Emms
Wishes of good cheer to all those who have played a game on their birthday.

Health Benefits of Playing Chess by Riley Merkel
The seven surprising health benefits of playing chess.

Henry Buckle A two-part sketch of the British player Henry Buckle.
Part One
Part Two

Historical Perspectives on Chess: Simon Alapin by Nikolay Minev
He devoted his life entirely to chess and made incredible achievements in developing new openings and variations.

Hole and Corner by Harold van der Heijden
A look at a fascinating endgame study theme

How I Beat Fisher's Record (Excerpt) by Judit Polgar
I chose to structure the material as a manual.

How to Become an Internet Chess Master by Robert T. Touhey
You can give your life new meaning.

How to Reassess Your Chess (4th edition, excerpt) by Jeremy Silman
A mind-expanding journey through imbalance-basics.

How to write a chess book and make loads of dosh by Phil Crocker
So, you've always wanted to write a chess book, eh?

Imported From Poland by Nikolay Minev
A game that deserves to be remembered.

Improve Your Chess in 7 Days by Gary Lane
Chess is fun but more fun when you win.

The Incredible Usefulness of Studies by Ian Rogers
How often do you see two rooks (and no pawns) beating a queen?

In Defense of Bobby Fischer’s Family: House of Cards in the World of Chess by Frank Brady
Fischer's biographer's response to "Was Fischer's Mother a Communist Spy?"

In from the Cold: The Life and Chess of Magnus Smith by Myron Samsin

In the Limelight: Alisa Maric by Harald Fietz

International Chess Magazine by Wilhelm Steinitz
From the "Personal and General" column.

International Chess Magazine, Vol. I, No. 1 Introduction by Wilhelm Steinitz

Interview with Alexander Alekhine Audio & Text
A 1938 interview with an audio file

Interview with Alex Baburin

Interview with Tim Harding (Audio)

Interview with Garry Kasparov (2003)
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors Part I was just released and we talk to the author
Part One
Part Two

Interview with Garry Kasparov (2004)
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors Part IV was just released and we talk to the author
PDF file
Audio file

Interview with Garry Kasparov (2006)
Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors Part V was just released and we talk to the author

Interview with Garry Kasparov (2007)
Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess: Part One, Revolution in the 70s
was just released and we talk to the author

Interview with Garry Kasparov (2008)
Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part Two: Kasparov vs. Karpov 1975-1985 is discussed

Interview with Viktor Kortchnoi by Jules Welling
From Inside Chess 1994 #17.

Interview with Vladimir Kramnik by Alexander Roshal

Interview with Hans Ree (Audio)

Interview with Veselin Topalov

Is There Chess on Mars? by Taylor Kingston
It's called Jetan...

Italian Chess 1560-1880 by Alessandro Nizzola

Jackhammer Chess by Robert T. Tuohey
Chess takes a pugilistic turn as Knuckles McCarthy vies for the championship of the Bloody Bucket Bar.

John Watson: Check, But Not Mate by John Donaldson

José Capablanca Letter May 18, 1923
A response to Norbert Lederer's inquiry about the possibility of Capablanca participating in an upcoming tournament.

José Capablanca Letter February 10, 1928
Capa sets out some thoughts about championship matches to FIDE's first president, Alexander Rueb.

Judy, a Forgotten Genius of the 1850s by Rod Edwards
Part One
Part Two

Kasparov-Kramnik 2000 by Karsten Müller
All fifteen games of this historic match annotated.

Kasparov's Endgame Class: Ups and Downs by Lev Khariton
The game does not end in the opening.

The Keres-Botvinnik Case: A Survey of the Evidence by Taylor Kingston
Part One
Part Two

The Keres-Botvinnik Case Revisited: A Further Survey of the Evidence by Taylor Kingston

The KGB and Chess: Assets and Liabilities by Lev Khariton
The KGB and chess in the Soviet Union were inseparably linked.

King-and-pawn Endings by Alexander Baburin
Good endgame technique can bring dividends to a chess player of any rank.

Knights are Difficult to Handle by Arturo Camacho
Here we have an endgame study to demonstrate this.

LaBourdonnais v. McDonnell by G. H. Diggle
From the popular "Badmaster" series.

Lasker and the Exchange Variation of the Ruy Lopez by Steve Wrinn
Part One
Part Two

Lasker On Championship Matches 1905
From the January 1905 issue of Lasker's Chess Magazine - interesting insights on challenges to his title.

Lasker Is Coming Home by Harald Fietz
Lasker's summer home has been re-discovered and is in the process of being preserved for posterity.

Lasker: New Approaches by Johannes Fischer

Lasker's Version of NY1924 and NY1927
Emanuel Lasker's explanation of events that resulted in his not playing in the New York 1927 tournament.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

The Legacy of John Cochrane by Nikolay Minev
A profile of a player totally committed to tactics, who liked to attack and sacrifice, sometimes beyond reasonable risk.

Less is More by Amatzia Avni
Climbing the ladder from beginner to a really strong player is not linear.

Letter from France by Tony Kosten
Some observations by the British GM on the tournament scene, excerpted from Kingpin, No. 26

The Lewis Chessmen Were Never Anywhere Near Iceland! by Morten Lilleøren
Possibly the most famous chess pieces ever made.

The Life (and Chess) of Hyppolite du Bourblanc by Rod Edwards
One of the best chess players of his time.

Lionel Kieseritzky by the late G.H. Diggle
A Thumbnail sketch of the 19th-century tactician.

Lisa, A Chess Novel (Excerpt) by Jesse Kraai
Ruth helps Lisa understand the words of her famous Russian teacher.

A Literary Steinitz Gambit
or A Lecture on the Mental Derangement of So-Called Chess Critics and Their Treatment
With Living Illustrations

From the acid pen of the first world champion. (1888 International Chess Magazine)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven

Living the American Dream: Julius Finn (1871-1931) by Olimpiu G. Urcan
From immigrant to millionaire.

Learning the Trade: Simuls, Skittles, and Rapid Transit From the Mengarini Papers by John S. Hilbert

Long Analysis: Wrong or Strong? by Taylor Kingston and Steven B. Dowd
An interesting analytical challenge that proved instructive.

Losing Is a Question of Method or Why Shirov May Become a Second Keres by Harald Fietz

The Lost Match: Rubinstein-Marshall, Warsaw 1908 by Nikolay Minev
One of the great matches that history has overlooked

Louis van Vliet: Master or Mugger? by Olimpiu G. Urcan
A feared if not respected chess master.

Mannheim 1914
Intrigue and adventure as the outbreak of the First World War interrupts the grandmaster tournament in Germany

Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians (Excerpt)
The Misadventure of Russian Chess Players in Germany

Marshall Challenges Lasker from Lasker's Chess Magazine, 1904-1905
The American GM negotiates with the world champion for a title match.

Master Jacobson by Tim Krabbé
An outstanding short story.
Part One
Part Two

Mastering the Chess Openings 4 (Excerpt) by John Watson

Masters of Technique by Mark N. Taylor
An entertaining and erudite foreword to an anthology of contemporary chess fiction.

The Match of the Century by Steven B. Dowd
Baron Munchausen plays the Match of the Century.

Max Euwe Letter November 29, 1971
Read about the venerable president of FIDE's efforts to bring about the Fischer-Spassky match.

The “Megaphone Man” by John S. Hilbert

Memoirs of an Amnesiac? by Taylor Kingston
Ghost-writing is nothing new in chess.

Mind Sports Olimpiad by Alexander Baburin
King walks are always fun to watch, provided it is not your king.

Monologues of a Chess Guru by Vera Tsvetkova
Alexander Roshal talks about himself and his times.

The Morals of Chess Ben Franklin
From the Columbian Magazine of December 1786.

More Complicated King & Pawn Endings by Alexander Baburin
Introducing more advanced and complicated examples.
Part One
Part Two

More than a Grandmaster by Lev Khariton
David Bronstein is not like all other chess players.

More than just Penguins Stephen Lythgoe
Lessons learned at the World Junior Chess Championships.

The More Things Change...
The mess surrounding who is world champion is not unique to the modern era.

Morphy's N.Y. Ledger Column
We present Paul Morphy's chess column for the N.Y. Ledger.
[1] August 6, 1859
[2] August 13, 1859
[3] August 20, 1859
[4] August 27, 1859
[5] September 10, 1859
[6] September 17, 1859
[7] September 24, 1859
[8] October 1, 1859
[9] October 8, 1859
[10] October 15, 1859
[11] October 22, 1859
[12] October 29, 1859
[13] November 5, 1859
[14] November 12, 1859
[15] November 19, 1859
[16] November 26, 1859
[17] December 3, 1859
[18] December 10, 1859
[19] December 17, 1859
[20] December 24, 1859
[21] December 31, 1859
[22] January 7, 1860
[23] January 14, 1860
[24] January 21, 1860
[25] January 28, 1860
[26] February 4, 1860
[27] February 11, 1860
[28] February 18, 1860
[29] February 25, 1860
[30] March 3, 1860
[31] March 10, 1860
[32] March 17, 1860

My Best Games (Updated Edition) (Excerpt) by Victor Korchnoi

My Great Predecessors: Another Perspective by Patrick Wolff
The American grandmaster takes a close look at one of the highest profile books of our times.

My Ingenious System
Hans Kmoch's clever parody of Aaron Nimzovich's My System

My Most Memorable Games (Excerpt) by Boris Gelfand

The Mysterious Chess Life of Rudolph L. Sze by Olimpiu G. Urcan
A pioneer breaks down Western stereotypes.

The Mysterious Strength of the Knight on f5 by Alper Efe Ataman
Applying successful attacking chess strategies.

Nabokov's Chess Sonnets by John Roycroft
The first English verse translation of a trio of linked chess sonnets.

The New in Chess Experience by Genna Sosonko, Peter Boel, and René Olthof

The New Man in Charge by Tiago Santos, Rádio Xadrez
Garry Kasparov inaugurates the First ADX Chess Festival.

New York 1924: From Concept to Reality
Part One
Part Two

New York 1936: The First Modern United States Chess Championship (Excerpt) by John S. Hilbert and Peter Lahde
Marshall finally steps aside for the first U.S. Championship in the modern era.

New York 1891: A Day to Remember by John S. Hilbert
Part One
Part Two

The New Zealand Championships: A Brief History by Peter Stuart

Neutralizing the Norm-hunters by James Howell

Nimzowitsch for the 21st Century by Jacob Aagaard
The study of My System is an essential part of a full chess education.

The Old Chess Master by John Healy
A short story by the author of the acclaimed The Grass Arena.

Old Wine in New Bottles by Gabriel Velasco
Part One
Part Two

Olympic Mating Patterns by Nikolay Minev

On Coaching by Lubomir Kavalek
This article illustrates how Nigel Short benefited from Kavalek’s knowledge, coaching experience and hard work.

On the Nature of Chess: The LIA Theory by Robert T. Tuohey
What, in-and-of-itself, is chess?

On the Origins of the Lewis Chessmen by Guðmundur G. Thórarinsson
A reply to Morten Lilleøren's critique

Once Upon a Chess Game (Excerpt) by Will Once
When I look at chess, I see stories.

100th Anniversary of the Second Lasker-Steinitz World Championship Match
A look back to see how contemporary sources reported Steinitz' attempt to wrest his title back from Emanuel Lasker.

Opening Disasters by Nikolay Minev
Development is of the fullest value when it is harmonious.

Opposition Clockwise by Rainer Staudte
What does make those king and pawn endings tick?
Part One
Part Two

Pandolfini's Educator of the Year Acceptance Speech by Bruce Pandolfini
Bruce Pandolfini was named the Chess Educator of the Year at UT Dallas.

Pandolfini's Night at the Opera by Bruce Pandolfini
A transcript of Bruce Pandolfini’s pre-concert talk at the Terrace Theater.

Pasadena 1932 by Dale Brandreth
An Alekhine victory, albeit a shaky one.

Patterns of Play Before Defeat by Brian Monday
Their game comes to represent the nature of limitations both on and off the board.
Part One
Part Two

Paul Keres Letter February 2, 1968
From the great Estonian grandmaster to Chess Life editor Burt Hochberg about his thoughts on chess and Fischer.

Paul Morphy (Excerpt) by Géza Maróczy
Chess was the reason for his world-fame and the cause of his tragic fate.

Paul Morphy Blitz Chess Challenge
Sri Lanka's top players came from all parts of the island to compete.

Paul Morphy Letter February 4, 1863
The only known letter wherein Morphy gives even an irrational reason why he abandoned the game of chess.

Paul Morphy Letter March 8, 1858
They all wanted to honor Morphy, but what happened to them? "Morphy Chess Clubs - Where Are They Now?"

The Pawn Endgame by Alexander Baburin
All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about rook and bishop pawns versus rook pawn.

Politiken Cup by Alexander Baburin
Part One
Part Two

Portable Game Notation Explained by Mark Donlan
All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about PGN.

Prelude to the Steinitz-Zukertort Match
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Prepare to Attack by Gary Lane
A practical attacking guide for the improving player.

Profiting from a Temporary Queen Investment by Nikolay Minev

Proof Games by John Nunn
I propose to introduce you to the so-called "proof game."

PS9 Graduation Ceremony by Bruce Pandolfini
Key Note Speech, June 23, 1996

A Puzzling Death at the Mysterious Fulton Chess Club by Olimpiu G. Urcan
The low profile of the quiet Fulton Chess Club is shaken by rumors of gambling and murder.

The Real Endgame by Rene Chun
The latest U.S. government assault on Bobby Fischer.

Remembering Max Euwe by Genna Sosonko
Part One
Part Two

The Review of Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians
The difficultly of eliminating the errors of the past

The Rhythm of the Big Easy from the Oasis by Dr. René Gralla
The heritage of Shatranj has survived until today – wearing the bright tropical colors of “Mak Rook.”
Part One
Part Two

The Riddle of Bird vs. Morphy by Karsten Müller
The German GM takes a look at one of Morphy's most famous games.

The Rich Body and Complex Texture of Correspondence Chess in America by John S. Hilbert

The Role of the Arbiter by Geurt Gijssen
In the summer of 1991, at the chess school in Madrid that Kasparov helped to found, Dutchman Geurt Gijssen lectured on the role of the arbiter in international chess today.
Part One
Part Two

The Rook by Chris Depasquale
A Kafka-esque parody from the ChessCafe.com columnist

Rook File + Long Diagonal = Classical Mate by Nikolay Minev
Possession of the rook file and the long diagonal normally ends in one of the classical mating patterns.

Rudolph Spielmann Letter April 16, 1927
The Austrian Grandmaster extends his thanks to the tournament organizer of New York 1927

Russia versus the Rest of the World by Yasser Seirawan

Sam Reshevsky Interview 1991
The American legend is interviewed on the eve of his eightieth birthday.
Part One
Part Two

Secret Matches: The Unpublished Games of Mikhail Botvinnik
Selected Games Annotated and Theoretical Section by Jan Timman

The Secrets to "Real" Chess by Dan Heisman
Some tips on how to improve your game.

Seirawan Chess by Mark Donlan
A fun and challenging chess variant.

Seirawan comes to Kuala Lumpur! by Edwin Lam Choong Wai

Serious Chess and Self-Defense by Robert T. Tuohey
There are a number of similarities between chess and martial arts.

Shady Side (Excerpt) by John S. Hilbert
From Hilbert's outstanding biography of Norman Whitaker.

Shatranj: A Study of the Past For the Present by Josh Waters
One of the ancient forms of chess that can still be played is shatranj.

Sharpen Your Chess Tactics in 7 Days by Gary Lane
A lively course on chess tactics.

Shortest Mates by Matt Grinberg
The shortest possible mates for all of the pieces.

Siegbert Tarrasch
Deutsche Schachzeitung columnist Harald Ballo's intriguing account of the German grandmaster
Part One
Part Two

Steinitz and the Inception of Modern Chess by Federico Garcia
A reassessment of the history of chess
Part One
Part Two

Steinitz vs. Zukertort 1886
A collection of the contemporary newspaper reports, arranged chronologically.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Steinitz, Zermelo, and Elkies by Dan Heisman
In order for your game to get better, it requires a mistake by your opponent.

"A Stranger in Our Midst": Norman Whitaker and Pittsburgh by Neil Brennen

Surprising Moves and Ideas by Nikolay Minev

A Tactical Bomb in the Center by Nikolay Minev

Tartakower's Miniatures by Steve Wrinn
A selection of Tartakower's miniatures games.
Part One
Part Two

Team Spirit by Glenn Petersen
A look at one of the most popular American tournaments.

‘Le temps des combats de géants’ by Rod Edwards
A historic meeting between four of the world’s strongest players.

The Ten Longest Games in Chess History by Luiz Roberto Da Costa Junior
Give yourself some extra time for some really long games.

Testimonials to Paul Morphy by New York Daily News
Presented at University Hall, New York, May 25, 1859

That Which is Already Known, Must be Known! by Nikolay Minev
Thrilling and tactically rich games.

Think-Out at the K-K Korral by Yasser Seirawan
Revisiting one of the most dramatic finishes to any title bout.
Part One
Part Two

Third Annual Team Match between Manhattan and Franklin Chess Clubs
From American Chess Magazine, Volume 1, Number 1, June 1897.

Third Best by Steve Wrinn
A number of fine endgames from Savielly Tartakower.
Part One
Part Two

Thompson's Hippopotamus by Alessandro Nizzola
Throw away those opening manuals, here comes the Hippo!

Three Moves Ahead (Excerpt) by Bob Rice
Classic chess strategies can help Information Age executives move quickly in the face of unexpected change.

Time Management During a Chess Game by Dan Heisman

Tournament Chess for the Rest of Us by Glenn Budzinski
It's the largest team tournament in America, the U.S. Amateur Team East.

Towering Tarrasch by G.H. Diggle

Treachery in Zurich by Andy Soltis
What was really going on at the 1953 Candidates' Tournament?
Part One
Part Two

A Tribute to Burt Hochberg
The outstanding editor of Chess Life is remembered by his colleagues.

The Turk's Endgames by Taylor Kingston
How good was the Automaton playing endings?
Part One
Part Two

2003 United States Championships by Mike Franett

2004 Aeroflot Open by Misha Savinov

2004 Russian Super Finals by Misha Savinov

Understanding Chess Endgames (Excerpt) by John Nunn

Understanding Your Chess (Excerpt) by James Rizzitano

The Unknown Misha: Unpublished Games of Mikhail Tal

Vienna 1898
From the August 1898 issue of the British Chess Magazine

Was Fischer's Mother a Communist Spy? by Frank Dudley Berry, Jr.
Provocative? Yes. Possible? Perhaps.

We Are the Ninety-Nine Percent!
An Interview with Lothar Hirneise, President of the Amateur Chess Organization.

What Goes Around Comes Around: A Grandmaster Morality Tale by David Korn
A striking incident at the 42nd World Amateur Team Championship.

What to do When your King is Cut Off by Alexander Baburin
Knowledge of certain defensive ideas can be of enormous benefit to the tournament player.

When Colossus Stumbled by Taylor Kingston
The strange case of Alekhine and the Olympic unknowns.

Who is the Champion of Champions? (Excerpt) by Fritz Baumbach
C.J.S. Purdy: Once is Enough

Why Chess? by Jim Celone
If there were an award for game of the millennium, it would belong to chess.

Will Blunders Ever Cease? or Welcome to the Club by Taylor Kingston
When you blunder you are not alone.

Wing or Center? by Nikolay Minev
In some openings the fight for the initiative begins mainly on the wings.

With Love and Bitterness by Lev Khariton
It would not be enough to say that I have always worshiped grandmaster David Bronstein.

The Wizard in Wonderland: Tal Visits the USA by Jeremy Silman
Inside Chess reports on Mikhail Tal's visit to Los Angeles in March 1988.

A Young Man from Cleveland Came to Cincinnati by Joost van Winsen
The Ohio State Chess Tournament of 1872.

Youngsters Make Waves in Indian Chess by S. Susil Kumar

Your Morphy Number Is Up by Taylor Kingston

Yuri Averbakh: An Interview with History by Taylor Kingston
Part One
Part Two

Yuri Averbakh Letter September 6, 1976
Victor Korchnoi had defected from the USSR and the Soviet Union was not going to take it sitting down.

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